Hiking in Bruce Peninsula

Since baby Peanut came into our lives, Marc and I found it much harder to be spontaneous and spend quality time together. We needed a long overdue ‘date’ and chose a quick getaway to the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Long hikes in nature, dramatic limestone cliffs, turquoise water…it was exactly what we needed.

The Bruce Peninsula National Park is at the northern tip of Bruce Penisula in Ontario, surrounded by Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. It took us less than 4 hours to drive there from the GTA, after passing by many corn fields, farm land and cute little houses.

We headed to the Grotto first to secure our parking. (I highly recommend a parking reservation in the summer due to the crowds.) A short hike later, we were greeted with this…

I couldn’t believe it. Turquoise water in Ontario!

Although the water was too cold for me, many brave souls took a dip and explored the Grotto from down below.

That’s about the farthest I got to the edge without needing to hug the ground lol

We also checked out the town of Tobermory and had some local fish and chips before heading out for more hikes.

The water by the docks was just as clear

Then we headed out to Singing Sands Beach and Halfway Log Dump (which is much prettier than the name suggests).

This little trip was a nice break from our usual baby-centric life. Marc and I were able to focus only on each other, even though most of our conversation was about Peanut’s latest milestones and her funny quirks anyway!

Thanks for reading et à la prochaine!



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