Dutch Tulips Part I: Cycling Through The Tulip Fields

Holland tulips bike tourMost people visit Amsterdam for the canals (and coffeeshops); this time of year however, hordes of tourists plan their trips around the Dutch tulips. Marc and myself included!

Between March and May each year, the Dutch countryside turns into a sea of wonderful purples, yellows and pinks. The best way to enjoy these postcard-worthy views is to rent a bike and cycle through the tulip fields. We biked through the flower bulb region in south Holland and saw fields and fields of colourful flowers stretching into the horizon. It was beyond anything I had imagined. From afar, the colours merged into each other forming giant contemporary artworks with precisely painted lines. Other times, the tulip fields looked like multi-coloured fuzzy carpets (the thought of rolling myself in the fields crossed my mind more than once 😀 ).

Holland tulips bike tourThe chilly strong winds that day made the biking difficult (I easily burned off all the stroopwafels I ate that day!) But that didn’t stop us from appreciating every second of it. In fact, biking through the fields was an enchanting and romantic experience for me. There’s nothing like discovering a different flower field together at the next turn; or breathing in the sweet, lingering fragrance from hyacinths like you’ve just received fresh bouquets of flowers.

Holland tulips bike tourHolland tulips bike tourHolland tulips bike tourHolland tulips bike tourHolland tulips bike tour

Visiting the Dutch tulip fields should be on everyone’s bucket list! If you are inspired, here are some useful tips to plan your next trip.

When to go?

Tulips have a short blooming season so plan accordingly! The best time is between end of March to mid-May; we visited mid-April and it was perfect.

Where to bike?

The Flower Bulb Region is where tulip farmers grow their flowers; you can find them in a town called Lisse between Amsterdam and Leiden. As for biking routes, we were in the area between Ruigenhoek, Noordwijkerhout and Keukenhof. The famous Keukenhof Garden is also nearby and definitely worth a visit as well (blog post coming up!)

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more photos!

Holland tulips bike tourHolland tulips bike tourHolland tulips bike tourHolland tulips bike tourIMG_9843Holland tulips bike tour

Thanks for reading et à la prochaine!



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Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple! So jealous of your trip and certainly living it all through your posts. Keep’em coming!


These pictures are all so pretty! It seems that you like places named Lisse 😉


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