Baby’s First Trip to Niagara Falls

Earlier this year, Marc and I welcomed a baby girl into our lives. Baby Peanut is the spitting image of myself, has super chubby cheeks, a full head of hair and a dash of Marc’s feistiness. It’s been quite the ride so far and life has definitely gotten more interesting to say the least. Marc and I desperately needed a change of scenery but didn’t want to go too far from home, so we decided to visit Niagara Falls for a mini getaway.

Niagara, Ontario is home to one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders with waterfalls straddling the Canadian and American borders. Even though I have visited Niagara Falls many times, I was very nervous at the thought of staying somewhere different with baby and breaking her routine. Marc and I are used to traveling as a couple so I was also curious to see what adjustments we would need to make with the little one. Turns out, we needed to make quite a few changes.

Overpacking is the new normal

Marc and I travel light. Or should I say, we used to. I packed minimally for myself but baby’s packing list was long. That’s because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few month, it’s that babies are unpredictable. They can cry when you least expect it, become scared in seemingly common situations, and somehow always poop and dirty their outfit right after you put on a new one. I packed for the unexpected and always had a plan B. Stroller, baby carrier, waterproof cover, extra warm covers all made the list. I even packed the sound machine and a crib sheet so Peanut can have something familiar from home.

When we arrived at the hotel, our bellboy transported what seemed like a million and one things from the car. It all paid off in the end because everything came in handy! Though we do need to get some larger suitcases for future trips…

Baby is the new boss…and she likes slow paced traveling

We got into our room at the Marriott Niagara Fallsview and Spa and Marc and I were blown away by the beautiful view of the waterfalls. Peanut? Not so much. She was more intrigued by the lights in the room, but not before she demanded a diaper change. Only then did we have ‘permission’ to sit by the window and enjoy the view.

It also took a while getting ready for a walk. “How do we dress baby? It’s windy by the falls.” “She’s fussy, let me nurse her before we leave”. “Hmm…her nap time is also coming up, should we put her in the carrier or stroller?” Finally, we were ready to head out…with Marc looking like a mommy kangaroo wearing Peanut in the carrier under his jacket. I laughed shaking my head at the only decision he had made.

Soon after we stepped outside, Marc wore the carrier outside of his jacket, which made much more sense 😉

Peanut fell asleep on the walk, missing out on yet another first experience. It was a relaxing and calm moment that both Marc and I needed. Soon after sunset, the falls were beautifully illuminated in pretty colours that changed ever so often. Peanut woke up just in time for our Winter Lights Festival walk along the waterfront. She looked around non-stop at the sparking trees and colourful light displays. I got excited and took out my camera to capture Niagara’s night scene. But before long, Peanut was giving cues that she was ready to call it a day. I knew our day would be cut short but I was surprised and a little disappointed at how fast time went by. I tried to squeeze in some more shots on the way back and accepted that we have a new lady boss in the family.

Go with the flow, with a smile!

At home, Peanut’s bedtime is around 7pm so we tried to stick to the same schedule at the hotel. We successfully put Peanut down in the hotel crib and quietly high-fived each other. There was only one problem. We were hungry and we couldn’t leave baby to dine out together. Our only option was room service. But this wasn’t your average room service experience. The version with a sleeping baby involved looking at the menu with a cellphone light in the dark, ordering outside of our room, waiting outside for the food so the staff wouldn’t wake up Peanut and smell testing the dishes to guess the order under the plate covers. What seemed like a bunch of inconvenience turned out surprisingly enjoyable. It was funny sneaking around in the dark, tip-toeing around to not wake the baby.

Marc and I ate quietly, smiling at each other and enjoyed the view of the colourful falls from our window with the sound machine running in the background. It may not be what most people would consider romantic, but after having a kiddo, these moments are precious. Then, Marc started crunching loudly on his chips thinking we were in the clear.

Peanut woke up.

As Peanut wailed at the top of her lungs, the fireworks started and saved us. The view was breathtaking and Peanut was mesmerized seeing fireworks for the first time in Marc’s lap. I cuddled around the two loves of my life and watched the colours dancing across the sky in silence. I smiled to myself, completely soaking in every second of this special moment thinking, traveling will never be the same again but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Thanks for reading et à la prochaine!



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Sounds like you guys had a marvelous time!


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