We Took the Plunge!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I quit our jobs and bought one-way tickets to live in the south of France for a year (I know! Crazy right? I’m still pinching myself). For me, this will be an incredible experience to rediscover myself and check off “becoming fluent in French while living in Europe” from my bucket list.

Ever since I visited France for the first time five years ago, I fell in love with everything French. There’s just something about the French language, fashion, art…and let’s not forget about the food!! Since then, I have taken French courses on weekends and travelled to France numerous times, but the limited number of vacation days from my corporate job could never satisfy my travel bug, nor was it enough for me to truly understand the French culture through the eyes of a tourist.

From time to time, the thought of leaving everything behind to live abroad would pop up, but somehow, I always found reasons to continue life like how I was “supposed to”. I was supposed to finish university, find a good paying job, buy a house, get married, start a family, die. In that order. Ok, so I skipped to that last one pretty quickly but you get the drift. Considering that I had just completed the “get married” step, imagine my parents’ surprise when I shared my plans with them. Did I mention that I have very traditional and conservative Asian parents? Yes, the stereotype is true.

Without getting into the details of me mulling over this decision or how I analyzed and weighed the pros and cons 50 times over, I finally decided to give up my stable life and take the plunge. This was by no means an easy decision and I have to say that I owe a big part of it to my wonderful and encouraging husband.

With less than one week to our departure, I feel excited, nervous but most of all, looking forward to exploring the unknown with the love of my life (it’s also a pretty awesome way to kick off a new marriage if I do say so myself!) I will be sharing my living abroad experience here and I hope you will join me as I embark on my crazy, and hopefully, life-changing journey.

À la prochaine!



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  1. Marielle DEHOPERE says:

    Bienvenue en France, notre beau pays! Nous allons nous rencontrer j’en suis certaine (les amis de Leila sont nos amis !) Marielle & Cyril + notre petite princesse Ess a!

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