Seafood in Sète, France

Before heading off to Sète, I knew that the seafood there was going to be super fresh, so I was really really excited. Can you tell that I love seafood? 😀

My French teacher recommended Chez François to me, a seafood restaurant right on one of the canals. It’s a good thing my husband made reservations ahead of time since the restaurant filled up very quickly at lunch. The restaurant is rather small though, so reservation is highly recommended.

We started with some friture de jols, which was perfectly fried and tasted very fresh. Someone was very happy.

Sete1JolsNext up: Les coquillages! We opted for oysters, clams, prawns and mussels. Everything on the platter was raw except for the prawns.

SeafoodLet me start with the best part: the oysters. They were to die for and one of the freshest I’ve ever tasted. Interestingly, the oysters were not served with any sauce or horseradish like they do in North America. In France, they like their oysters as is or with a hint of lemon. The oysters were so fresh that I didn’t miss the sauce one bit! It was my first time eating raw clams and mussels, which turned out to be pleasant as well. I personally prefer them cooked though.

To finish off, we had to try the Coquilles St Jacques gratinées (scallops), mainly because we smelled them from the table beside us and couldn’t stop drooling. Served in their shells, the scallops were buttery with just the right amount of garlic, scallion and breadcrumbs.


All in all I was very satisfied with the food but thought the service could have been a little better. Then again, I didn’t expect this to be a fancy place in the first place, we came for the food that had a reputation for being fresh and local, which was exactly what we got.

  • Food rating: 4/5
  • Service rating: 3/5
  • Price range: $$

A meal is never complete without dessert so we stopped by a pâtisserie…

DessertI picked a chocolate mousse, which was delicious and had a nice texture.

Dessert2Dessert3My husband on the other hand, picked the only pink dessert in the shop…a vanilla sponge cake cleverly wrapped in almond paste. We sat by the canal and enjoyed our desserts with this beautiful view:

CanalThanks for reading, et à la prochaine!



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4 years ago

omg I am droolingg nowwwwww
4 posts in just a month, good workkk~ How is your trip so farrr?


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4 years ago

Bahaha! Good choice Marc!


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