Making Ceramics in France

One day, I was missing all the paint tools that I had left back in Canada and was itching to do something creative. So I went looking for a new activity in Montpellier. Since there are tons of art stores in the south of France that offer workshops, I convinced Marc to try one with me. We ended up choosing a ceramic workshop at Atelier Keramon, owned by a very sweet lady located in the heart of Montpellier.

Ceramics Workshop France

The workshop is made up of three sessions.

In the first session, we created the rough shapes. I started making cups using a mold; while Marc, being a free spirit, went free-style on a water jug amongst other things. In the second and third sessions, we perfected the shapes by smoothing out the surfaces then added paint.


The studio owner, Frédérique, instructed Marc to slap the clay thoroughly. He had too much fun.



Getting our hands dirty!

After varnishing and baking, we finally finished! I loved how Marc’s ceramics turned out, especially the dark brown clay – rough and jagged with lots of character. My favourite is his smiling elephant.


Mine ended up being a set of dinnerware – all that’s missing is cutlery haha! I painted lots of details with an ocean theme in mind.


This was so much fun! Not only is it a creative activity to do with your partner, making ceramics takes a different kind of focus where your mind and hands move together. I especially loved the atmosphere of the studio. Everyone concentrated on their own work but we still talked and laughed – tout en français! We even made a fellow Canadian friend.

On the way home, I wondered how many adults once loved playing with sand and Play-Doh but stopped creating with their hands because, well, they had grown up. I smiled as I thought back to a conversation I had with the eight-year-old son of our French friends: C’est bien pour les adultes de jouer de temps en temps – play time is also good for grown-ups too 🙂

Thanks for reading et à la prochaine!

Have you ever done a ceramics workshop? Did you like it? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!



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