5 Things I Miss About Canada

Snow in Canada

I love my living abroad experience but it’s not always sunny and rosy living away from home. Aside from overcoming the challenges of settling in a different country, there are also many things that I miss about my life in Canada. Don’t let the photo fool you, winter is not one of them! 😛

#1. Big Spaces

The French apartments are cute. By cute I really mean small. One time, we saw an apartment built for Minions where you had to turn sideways and suck in your stomach to avoid hitting the bathroom sink. Going from having lots of space in Canada to tiny apartments took some getting used to. Marc for example, has finally stopped bumping into every furniture when he walks across the room. Living in smaller spaces also made me realize that it’s way harder to escape from your spouse when he talks too much. Oops did I just write that? 😀

The French are used to tight spaces and are surprisingly good at using them. Imagine eating on the patio of a restaurant and someone tries to wiggle into the door next to you to get into their apartment. It’s kind of an awkward situation but at least they say “Bon appétit!

#2. Technology 

The French seem to not like technology. I thought the phone guy was joking when he told me to send a letter by snail mail for when we need to cancel our phone plan. Euh…pardon? What do you mean there’s no other way? I haven’t sent a letter by mail in years!

Don’t expect to do a lot of things online either. When it comes to finding information on small businesses, it’s not unusual to get directed to a Facebook page instead of a professional website, which may or may not be up to date.

#3. Variety of Cuisines

It’s no secret that I love the French cuisine. From time to time however, I miss having some fresh sushi, tasty Pad Thai, yummy butter chicken or Chinese food made by my mom. In Canada, it’s so easy to find authentic multicultural restaurants. Not in France. Unless you know a friend that knows how to do phở from scratch, you are better off sticking to canard and foie gras. Luckily, our great friend Hai makes the best phở to satisfy our Asian cuisine cravings!

#4. My High Heels

Yeah, I was surprised by this one too. I have a love-hate relationship with my high heels, as I’m sure many ladies out there do.

Before I quit my job for France, I used to strut around the office all day in my outfit matching high heels but always ended up with tired feet at the end of the day. Naturally, I didn’t have any issues leaving the majority of my shoe collections in Canada.

I’ve only been wearing comfortable footwear in France and my feet haven’t been this happy since high school! Yet I miss all my cute leather friends. I find myself daydreaming about how much fun it was deciding which pair to wear every morning…I know, first world problems…

#5. Fresh Air

Having a drink on the patio or enjoying a nice meal sitting outside is such a pleasure, especially in the summer when the ambience is so lively…until you get a poof of smoke in your face. Oh hey! Thanks for the extra sides that came with my plat du jour! The worst part is, you know it will last for the entire meal. It happens so often that I’m convinced every person in this country smokes except for me. It’s hard to avoid it even walking down the street. I just don’t understand why smoking is still so popular here…

How about the things that Marc misses? He only had one answer: his training room. Annnnnd I just started his favourite subject, now we have the problem mentioned in my first point. Time to pour some wine! 🙂

Have you lived away from Canada? What did you miss? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading et à la prochaine!



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4 years ago

Canada and your friends here miss you too!!!

4 years ago

I’ve been reading your blog a lot more than I’d like to admit, I love it! I’ve lived abroad in Hong Kong for half a year and now in the US for almost three. Despite US being very similar to Canada, I still get really homesick. The biggest part is also the food variety, fresh air, and incredibly nice people. These are two things I consistently miss wherever I am, so I feel ya. Keep up the great blog! ^^