Eating in Lisbon

In my previous post on Lisbon, I wrote about trekking to Belem for a yummy pastry called Pastel de Nata. But I couldn’t end the Lisbon post without mentioning their seafood! Marc and I were both surprised at how fresh the food was. I often opted for freshly grilled fish, lightly salted with a squeeze of lemon. Simple yet delicious!

Since I loved the food there so much (and went a little shutter crazy documenting the dishes), I’d like to share some of our favourites!

Lisba Tu e Eu

Address: R. Adiça 58, 1100-603 Lisboa, Portugal

lisbon-eats-1   lisbon-eats-2

10 minutes away from the São Jorge Castle is a tiny restaurant with limited spaces but big flavours. This is probably what going to a Portuguese family dinner would be like – warm greetings and home-cooked meals. It’s a cozy little place where walls are completely covered with messages from past customers in all languages. I loved the homeyness of this place. In fact, the chef’s mannerism reminded me of my mom in her kitchen.

The food:


Grilled sardines: I didn’t used to like sardines that much, but this changed everything! The chef made sure to show us the fish before cooking them in front of us.


Cod fritters: Fluffy with a good amount of fish inside; perfectly seasoned and not too oily.


Octopus salad: Amazing sauce and copious amount of fresh octopus! Mmm…


A Cevicheria

Address: R. Dom Pedro V 129, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal

lisbon-eats-6  lisbon-eats-7

Our favourite dining experience was at A Cevicheria. This is a trendy restaurant recommended by a local, not cheap but super good. It’s a popular place and hard to get in because they don’t take reservations. We had just spent the day visiting Sintra and decided to treat ourselves when we got back to Lisbon. But by the time we got to the restaurant 20 minutes after opening time, there was already a long waiting list. No worries, you can drink and snack while you wait! We waited close to an hour sipping on pisco sours, a yummy Peruvian drink.


Our photogenic bartender!


Marc patiently waiting with his drink. We were surrounded by lots of French tourists in Lisbon. Voulez-vous avoir une conversation avec moi? 😉

When we were finally told that a table was available, I did a fist pump to which the waiter grinned. I was really hungry.

But the wait was SO worth it!

Plenty of foodgasms happened here. The pure ceviche was our favourite.


Pure ceviche: White fish, mashed sweet potato, onions, seaweed and tiger milk. So many layers of flavour…light, refreshing and unforgettable!


BBQ octopus causa: Roasted octopus, dark mashed potato, onion, pork rind.


Sea quinoto: Quinoa with shrimp, cockle, mussels, white fish, seaweed, oyster foam and kombu. A warm dish that tastes homey and sophisticated. The quinoa really added to the texture.

Tuna cerviche: tuna, foie gras, lychees, hazelnuts, tiger milk with beetroot. Also very good, foie gras was a nice touch, I did prefer the pure ceviche more.

Tuna cerviche: Tuna, foie gras, lychees, hazelnuts, tiger milk with beetroot. Also very good, foie gras was a nice touch, I did prefer the pure ceviche.

So…anyone knows if it’s hard to make your own ceviche?! 😀

Have you tried these restaurants? What are some of your restaurant recommendations for my next Portugal trip? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading et à la prochaine!



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[…] One of the main reasons I loved Lisbon was the seafood. Marc and I really got a good dose of omega-3’s from having fish every day. I loved the food so much that I documented everything we ate! See photos here  […]