How to Paint a Wall Mural for Kids

When I was pregnant with baby Peanut, I painted a set of colourful animals with watercolours to decorate the nursery. I loved how they turned out, but there were still lots of blank areas on the wall begging for a splash of colour. After Peanut’s arrival, life got extremely busy as you can imagine, and decorating went to the bottom of the to-do list.

I did want to paint a wall mural of some kind though. I guess a part of me kept putting it off because I was too intimidated to attempt it. Then I thought to myself, Pourquoi pas? What’s the worst that could happen? I realized that the only reason I was holding back was because I was afraid the painting wouldn’t turn out perfect enough, which is rather silly considering babies don’t care about perfection.

Fast forward to today, I finally finished what I had envisioned and I’m excited to share with you my paintings!

The Painting Process

To get started, I found some reference photos online and drew a larger version of the image on the wall using a pencil. If you’re new to drawing, there are ways to trace the image instead. For example, you can print off a larger version of the image, rub a pencil lead all over the back side, then trace out the image right side up on the wall using a pencil. This will transfer the pencil lead on the back side of the page onto your wall, leaving an outline for you to paint.

For my mural, I used acrylic paint and brushes since I have those handy, but you can also use wall paint as well. Painting on the walls with acrylics took a bit of getting used to, but it wasn’t all that different from a canvas, minus the awkward positions I had to be in to paint at a toddler’s height!

The inspiration for these funky monkeys came from the Five Little Monkeys song that Peanut sings all day long. When I revealed the finished monkeys to Peanut, she got really excited and squealed ‘ohhh, monkey!’ with the biggest grin on her face. That was pretty motivating for me to work on the larger wall.

For the second painting, I wanted something whimsical, like our visit to the Dr. Seuss Experience. I chose to paint a magical mushroom forest with lots of bright colours, along with a chubby little white bunny.

The bunny took the longest time to paint because I really wanted to make it look realistic by bringing out those big eyes and chubby cheeks.

Peanut was thrilled with her new wall. In fact, she even tried to add in some final touches by “painting” with a pen! Thank goodness Marc snatched the pen away and saved the day…and the painting.

I’m also really happy with the way everything turned out! Peanut’s room feels more whimsical and fun now, and it’s all tying to the animal theme I had envisioned in the beginning.

Thanks for reading et à la prochaine!



Would you like to paint a wall mural for your kids’ room, or for yourself? If so, what would it be? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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