A Visit to The Dr. Seuss Experience

Are you or your child a big fan of Dr. Seuss? My toddler sure is! Peanut squeals happily whenever I reach for a Dr. Seuss book. I now have so many of his stories forever burned in my brain from reading them over and over again. So when I learned that there’s a new exhibition in Toronto where you can literally step into Dr. Seuss storybooks, I knew I had to check it out with the family.

Located near the Square One shopping centre in Mississauga, this exhibition is an imaginative art show and interactive play in one. You don’t need to be a kid to go and have fun (I’m pretty sure I liked it just as much, if not more than Peanut haha!)

I personally loved the balloon maze from Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, swinging from a truffula tree in the Lorax Room and chatting with a real-life Cat in the Hat! All the rooms are fun, whimsical, and eye-popping to say the least. But I’ll let the photos do the talking…

A massive maze made up of suspended balloons, inspired by Oh, the places you’ll go!
You really shouldn’t go in between the balloons…
…but toddlers don’t care about rules!
In A Horton Wears a Who room, if you’re quiet enough, you can hear a tiny ‘Who’ from the pink “clovers”. But really, everyone’s too busy taking photos…
…us included!
We found Bofa on the Sofa!
and a room full of Sneetches, where the room is much smaller than it appears!
The Lorax room has lots of colourful truffula trees…
and swings!

It took us over an hour to visit all the rooms and we had a blast! If you’re planning a visit, be mindful that no strollers, food or drinks are allowed inside, so feed your baby before the visit. We had a hungry little hippo on our hands towards the end…

The Dr. Seuss Experience is running until January 5, 2020. Hope you’ll get a chance to see it!

Thanks for reading et à la prochaine!



Have you been to the exhibit? What was your favourite part of the experience? Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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